LusterStone is a decorative architectural trowel-on coating, which produces beautiful natural reflective stone patterns. 

This revolutionary product can be used to produce a wide variety of dull or high sheen dimensional finishes, or stunning combinations of highs and lows.


Available Colors


Antique Gray              Antique Parchment                Azure Blue     

Bordeaux Red            Brown Suede                         Canteloupe

Champagne Mist        Chantilly Lace                        Charred Gold

Charred Olive             Cobalt Blue                           Cocoa

Copper                       Crimson Red                         Crushed Pearl

Deep Periwinkle          Ebony Frost                          Eggplant

Emerald Ice                 Espresso                              Frosted Denim

Green Onyx                Inkwell Blue                           Lady Slipper Pink

Mandarin Red             Medallion Gold                     Merlot

Midnight Blue              Mocha                                  Moonglow Silver

Mustard Seed             Orchid Ice                             Peacock Blue

Queen Anne's Lace    Royal Jade                           Sage Green

Shamrock                   Silver Moss                           Silver Taupe

Snowflake White        Tequila Sunrise                     Terra Cotta

Weathered Bronze     


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Following are several examples of lusterstone color combinations which can create unique color patterns. Note how direct light accentuates the reflective sheen of the lusterstone!