Good-time Gordie's Got the Blues...

Ever since my railroad brakeman days in Detroit, when I first heard Muddy Waters, Otis Spann, Paul Butterfield and Mike Bloomfield jam in a "Fathers and Sons" LP, I've been hooked on the blues.


For my blues pieces, I work exclusively in oils and primarily from photographs, liberally modifying the composition and developing backgrounds to achieve a desired mood. My palette is decidedly dark, which lends itself to the drama I'm after:


Evoking the beauty inherent in that delicious slice of spontaneity when an artist hits his high note and the atmosphere's swirling in delirious rhythm--capturing that passion without the strut or artifice -- that is my goal in these paintings. I want the viewer to taste the bourbon and smell the sweat--but mostly, to be elevated by the sheer spirit of the blues. Be it rage, raunch or sweet reflection, "the blues, they don't lie". 




"I think you really captured the essence and soul of these musicians--many of whom I've played with. I thought your art was very beautiful, the most beautiful paintings of blues people I've ever seen."


 --Ronnie Earl

"Perhaps the finest living blues guitarist on the planet" -The Boston Phoenix